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The most effective

Biodegradable Rig Wash

at the lowest price!

MiniMax Rig Wash EC
Specially formulated for oilfield and heavy industrial use!
MiniMax Rig Wash is a water-based composite formed liquid developed for the cleaning of greasy surfaces such as drilling platforms, refineries, vessels and other equipment used in the oil and gas industry. MiniMax is a low-cost and very effective cleaning detergent, which will help you to save time, improve efficiency and create a safe workplace!

Use of MiniMax

A clean workplace is the key to prevent any environmental pollution. Rig Wash is a ready to use cleaning detergent that is able to remove grease and oil-based components. The liquid is sprayed onto the desired surface with low pressure, after 1-3 minutes  the surface needs to be rinsed with a high pressure washer and the job is done.

Because of the biodegradable aspect of MiniMax Rig Wash the water can be removed via the drainage system.

EC or R3-NG?
We have 2 versions available for sale: Rig Wash EC or Rig Wash R3-NG. Rig Wash EC is produced to be Green Rated* and you are allowed to use it anywhere in the world. R3-NG has a slightly different formula and is Yellow Rated. It can be used everywhere, except in Norway or Denmark.
*Registration number Denmark 2507551
  • Easy to apply & User friendly
  • HOCNF approved
  • Certified by Cefas as gold
  • 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Non-flammable & Non-aggressive
  • Free of dangerous chemicals
  • No regulations on transport and storage
  • Specially composed to separate oil from water
  • Available in: 1000 (IBC), 200, 60 and 25 liter
IOT-Dosco is the exclusive stock holding maritime &
offshore distributor.
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