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Investing in the future: Meet Medina

We are always looking for ways to invest in the future but this doesn't necessarily mean investing in new equipment. We would like to introduce to you our intern for the next six months: Medina Zamanbekova. This young and ambitious woman will be researching and writing her thesis to expand her knowledge about the European Oil & Gas market. We asked Medina some questions so we can get to know her a little better.

Medina Zamanbekova Intership IOT-Dosco

Name: Medina Zamanbekova

Age: 23

Hello Medina! How would you describe yourself in three words?

Ambitious, positive and purposeful

Where are you from? How did you end up in Holland?

Baku, Azerbaijan. I arrived here for business studies, as Dutch are known for their business skills.

What study are you currently doing and what do you like about it?

I am currently studying International Business and Management Studies at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The approach at this university gives me an opportunity to learn business work both in theory and in practice, which is the sole purpose why I arrived here. I like working in diverse multicultural student teams and that the assignments given by the university are real-life projects in working companies all around the world.

How did you get in touch with IOT-Dosco? I was working for a IOT-Dosco subsidiary in Baku, Caspian Oilfield Services (COS), which is how I got in touch with IOT-Dosco and eventually had an intake interview. Why did you want to write your thesis at IOT-Dosco? I already had experience working with IOT-Dosco while having my six month internship as a sales coordinator at COS (where I developed a sustainability report for the company). I liked working there and wanted to further develop my knowledge in this field, especially in such a successful company as IOT-Dosco. Can you try to describe what your thesis will be about? My thesis is basically the Research into the European Oil and Gas market for the customer analysis of IOT-Dosco current and potential customers. What do you think the outcome of your Thesis will be? The outcome should be an implementation plan and the list of potential customers that IOT-Dosco business developers can use in the future for expansion and development of the company networks.

"I am always involved in volunteering and student organisations, for example now I am a board member of the Unicef Student Team of Rotterdam and a Global Shaper at Baku Hub (Initiative of the World Economic Forum)."

Medina as a member of the Unicef Student Team

What do you like to do in your spare time? (E.G Hobbies, sports) I did martial arts - Taekwondo, so I like to practice it and also running in the morning, both help me start off the day properly and energetically. I also like drawing in my free time, especially with oil paints, they free my mind and help me relax. Apart from that, I read self-development books, in order to try and eliminate any personality challenges that may arise concerning all parts of my life. To conclude, I am always involved in volunteering and student organisations, for example now I am a board member of the Unicef Student Team of Rotterdam and a Global Shaper at Baku Hub (Initiative of the World Economic Forum).

What talent/hobby would you give more attention to if you could and why? Most probably art - as it is an important part of the development of the creativity part of the brain, but which I also leave as the last thing to do in my spare time, taking the sports, student organisations and self-development as priorities. What are your ambitions for the future? I would like to start up a business on my own and in my home country once I gain enough experience in the business field, working for a medium sized company. What countries would you like to visit and why? Canada, China and Malaysia (especially Singapore). I would like to visit Canada because it is one of the most fascinating countries in its governmental policies and structures in the world. China and Malaysia on the other hand, developed extremely fast in the last five to seven years, which is why I would like to see how it is to live in such dynamic cities such as Singapore and Shanghai to be precise. If you would have access to a time machine, where would you be, which year and what would you do? I would go back to myself around ten years ago (2006, Baku Azerbaijan), give a few books to read, but also mention that I should not ever regret or get upset of anything in life, as long as everything that happens, happens for the best (as it did to me actually).

Another thing that I would love to do is speak to my grandfather (1999, Baku Azerbaijan), ask him a few tips and tricks, as I never had a chance to do so, he passed away when I was only eight and he was a great man that I could use some advise from at the moment or in the future.

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