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Drilling Equipment

Tubulars with complete range of sizes, grades and connections to NS-1, NS-2 or DS-1
Tubular Handling

IOT-Dosco is a major supplier of Tubular Handling Equipment, manufactured and inspected according to the applicable API standards.

Our tools

Bowls & Slips
Casing Scrapers
Casing Slips - UC3, CMS-XL
Centralizers & Stop Collars
Dies & Inserts
Elevator Links & Bails
Elevators - Single joint, Side door, Centre Latch, Slip Type (manual/air/hydraulic operated)
Elevators / Spider
Float Valves

Inclination Tool / Drift Indicator
Lifting Bail Protectors
Manual Tongs
Rotary Slips - SDML, SDXL, SDHL
Safety Clamps - Manual / Pneumatic
Slip Lifter
Stabbing Guides
Thread Protectors
Tong Torque Assemblies


Other tools may be available upon request

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