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Everything we do revolves around YOUR needs!


Get the best results with durable equipment.


Fast delivery, competitive pricing and costumer focus.


IOT has invested in its fleet of core‐barrels and ancillaries.


Rugged support for a tough industry.

Rental and Sales

Everything we do revolves around your needs. It is a simple yet powerful philosophy that guides us in every aspect of our on-demand business. We, at IOT-Holland, are an independent service provider within the Oil, Gas & Geothermic industry covering sales, rental and service operations.

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As the drilling environment becomes more challenging, we’re proud to provide industry-leading services alongside our products. Our expertise is trusted by clients around the world to deliver the answers they need, when they need it. No questions asked. Such commitment gives you reassurance that we’re always there for you – ready to act and deliver. Rugged support for a tough industry.

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