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Load Testing Equipment

Professional Proof Load Testing

Water filled proof load bags for testing are now a well-established method for providing test loads for cranes, davits, lift frames or any other lifting or pulling equipment. They are used for marine- as well as industrial and engineering applications.


Standard Load Shackles

17 - 800 Tonne Load Shackle 
Cabled or Telemetry


Standard Load Cells

1.5 - 250 Tonne Load Link
Cabled or Telemetry


Compression Load Cells

50 & 200 Tonne Compression Load Cell

Standard Proof Load

2 - 12.5 Tonne Low Headroom Waterbag
10 - 55 Tonne Standard waterbag


Lifeboat, Gangway, Bridge & Construction

Lifeboat/gangway testing set
Gangway/bridge test Matrass Bag

Running Line Tension Meters

Other Equipment

Water Flow Meter
Data logging system
Submersible pump
Testbox with filling equipment

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