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Oil / Water Seperation

Our cutting-edge technologies are designed to optimize the extraction process, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and environmental safety. Explore our three primary categories of separation technology:

Fine Filters

Our Fine Filters are engineered to provide exceptional removal of small particulate matter and emulsified oils from water. These high-precision filters ensure that even the finest contaminants are effectively separated, resulting in clean water suitable for reuse or safe discharge.


Key features include:

  • High filtration accuracy

  • Long-lasting filter media

  • Easy maintenance and replacement


Filter Separators

Our Filter Separators combine mechanical filtration with coalescence technology to efficiently separate oil and water mixtures. These units are ideal for applications requiring the removal of larger volumes of oil and suspended solids. They are designed to handle a wide range of flow rates and oil concentrations.


Benefits include:

  • Robust construction

  • High separation efficiency

  • Versatile application range



Desorbers at IOT Holland utilize advanced thermodynamic principles to remove dissolved gases and light hydrocarbons from water. This category is essential for treating water used in geothermal applications or oil and gas extraction processes where gas removal is critical.


Highlights include:

  • Efficient gas and hydrocarbon removal

  • Low energy consumption

  • Compact design for easy integration


At IOT Holland, we are committed to delivering top-tier oil and water separation solutions that meet the diverse needs of the energy sector. Browse through our categories to find the perfect solution for your operational requirements.

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