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Welding Equipment

IOT Holland offers a broad range of welding solutions. For every welding category we have multiple machines ready to use. If you are not quite sure what welding equipment you need, get in touch with one of our professionals who will be more than happy to help you!

MIG / MAG Welders

We offer an extensive range of MIG/MAG rental welding equipment. Besides the machines, we can also provide you with the correct gas, welding rods and all other suppliers for the best possible welding process. Instead of the regulators listed, you can also rent various integrative couplings from us.


  • Minarc Evo200

  • Fitweld 300

  • Kempact 2530

  • Kempact Pulse 3000

  • Fastmig KM400

  • Fastmig KMS400 Synergic

  • Fastmig KM500

  • Fastmig KMS500

  • Fastmig Pulse 450




We offer a high quality range of MIG/MAG torches. These gas and liquid cooled torches vary in amperage and model. We also offer various machine torches that allow you to mechanise the welding process using a fillet welding machine. Our MIG torches are supplied with a starter package, for which you are charged once only at the start.


Gas Cooled

MB25 (180 A)

MB36 (320 A)

PMT25 (250 A)


Liquid Cooled

PMT 42W (400 A)

MB401 (400 A)

MB501 (500 A)

ABIMIG Grip W 555 (550 A)

Wire Feeder Unit

We have a wide range of Kemppi wire feeders. The wire feeders are lightweight, functional and of high quality. We have both wire feeders that are suitable for use in workshops and wire feeders suitable for applications in heavy industry, shipbuilding and installation.


  • MF29 Basic

  • MF33 Basic

  • MSF53 Syn.

  • MSF55 Syn.

  • MSF57 Syn.

  • MXF65 Syn. Pulse

  • MXF67 Syn.

  • VR 4000




To put together a complete set we have several connections and extension packages in stock for you. Furthermore, our MIG/MAG welding equipment is supplied with a rain cover, providing optimum protection for the equipment.


Interconnection kits: 7 or 10 Pole (500 A, 1m), 10 Pole (500 A, 20m) & 7 or 10 Pole (300 A, 20m)

Extension kits: 7 or 10 Pole (500 A, 20m)

Remote controls: R20 (5m)

TIG Welders

We offer various dc machines and AC/DC machines for TIG welding. The TIG welding equipment is of high quality, with powerful operation and compact design. Besides the previously mentioned regulators, we also offer various integrative couplings. If you would like advice on selecting the right machine for your work, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Minarc Evo200 MLP

  • Mastertig MLS2000

  • Mastertig MLS3000

  • Mastertig MLS4000

  • Mastertig MLS2300 AC/DC

  • Mastertig MLS3000 AC/DC

  • Mastertig 3500W AC/DC

  • Mastertig LT250




We supply both gas-cooled and liquid-cooled TIG torches. The TIG torch that belongs to the TIG equipment in the previous section is listed below the relevant equipment. Our TIG torches are fitted with a fixed neck. We supply a flexible neck upon request.
For other specific requirements we are always available.


Gas cooled

WP9 (110 A)

WP 24 (180 A)


Liquid cooled

WP 16 (320 A)

WP 20 (240 A)

HW 30 (300 A)




If you wish to work with multiple TIG machines at one location, you can choose to place these machines in a frame. This way, there is one central connection for the power supply and the entire unit can be lifted using one central hoisting eye. When the standard torch is too short, an extension packet can be coupled to this. For liquid-cooled machines we offer various cooling units, such as the MasterCool 10, 20 and 30.


Remote control: MLS (20m)

Remote control extension cables: MLS (20m)

Extension kits (liquid cooled): WP 18 / 20 ( 400 A, 10m)

Extension kits (gas cooled):WP 9 / 17 / 26 ( 250 A, 8 & 10m)

TIG watercooling units: Mastercool 10, 20 & 30

Frames for TIG: 4x MLS 3000 / 3500 / 4000 or 6x MLS 3000 / 3500 / 4000

TIG chassic with cylinder rack: 2 wheeled

Electrode / MMA - Rectifiers & Inverters

Our range of MMA welding products include the Kemppi Master MLS and Minarc Units. The units of the Master MLS product series consist of a power supply for both MMA and TIG DC welding. The units have a large welding capacity and also have progressive features
that improve welding quality and efficiency. The Minarc units are compact and lightweight MMA welding inverters with a relatively high load capacity. The welding rectifiers KMS400 AS and the XMT CC/CV are ideal for use in combination with the Arcfeed200.


Minarc 150

Minarc 220

MLS 2500

MLS 3500

Fastmig KMS 400




We also supply various accessories for the welding rectifiers, such as remote controls and extension cables for the remote controls. Furthermore, we have frames with hoisting eyes for the welding rectifiers. These frames simplify transport and provide one central connection of 63A by means of a central surface-mounted distribution box. If the product you are looking for is not included, please contact our rental department. They will gladly assist you with appropriate advice.


Remote control: MLS (20m) & KMS 400 AS (25m)

Remote control extension cables: MLS (20m)

Frames for welding rectifiers: 4x MLS or 6x MLS



Welding cables & pliers

We offer a complete range of welding cables and welding guns. If the product you are looking for is not included, please contact our rental department. They will be glad to help you!


Electrode pliers sets: Optimus 300-1 (multiple connections & ampere)

Earth terminal sets: Pinch clamp (300 A) & Screwmodel A1(multiple connections, lengths & ampere)

Welding extension cables: (multiple connections, lengths & ampere)

Adapter cables: 100 A

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