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Torque Tools

IOT Holland specializes in renting high-performance torque tools for the oil, geothermal, and gas industries. Offering a range of precision tools, including hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches, the company ensures accuracy, safety, and efficiency in drilling and maintenance operations. With a focus on innovation and quality, IOT Holland provides expert support and custom solutions to optimize productivity.
Hydraulic torque wrench used for tightening bolts
Hydraulic Torque Wrench with Low Profile Link

The Hydraulic Torque Wrench is unbelievably versatile, ensuring that other manufactures, the likes of ‘Hytorc’, ‘Wren’ and ‘Rapid Torc’ ratchet links are interchangeable with the ‘HTL-W’powerhead. Whether you want to use a range of In/Out Sockets for recessed bolts, have bolt protrusion, need to utilise a ratchet link, or you have a height restriction, the ‘HTL-L’ Low Profile Hydraulic

Torque Wrench link attachment is highly adaptable and can be used as a solution to all of these problems.


A great amount of time has been spent developing and fine tuning this superb tool and it’s robust

design combined with the use of high quality material and meticulous workmanship means that

for all your bolting problems there can only be one solution!



360° x 180° hose swivel to eliminate hose kinkink
Robust design
Light weight made from the highest grade aircraft alloy
Ratcheting fine tooth design to avoid tool lock on
Calibrated to +/- 3%
Torque up to 43,000Nm

CE approved
Atex approved
Durable, accurate and flexible
For topside and subsea use

Hydraulic Wrench
Dedicated square drive torque wrench used for tightning bolts
Dedicated Square Drive

The dedicated Square Drive Torque Wrench has been designed to offer optimum performance levels for both tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. The robust and durable design has been manufactured to deliver extreme versatility and ease of operation and can be used in conjunction with standard impact sockets from 3/4” to 2 1/2” square drive.

A range of direct hex drive adaptors are also available. The range also features a 360 x 180 degree uni-swivel which prevents hose kinking and allows it to be used in highly confined areas. Providing you with the utmost accuracy, the Dedicated Square Drive

range is unrivalled due to its lightweight yet resilient design. It truly is the perfect addition to your tool kit!



Models from 200lb.ft to 52,500lb.ft
3/4” to 2 1/2” square drive
360° x 180° hydraulic swivel
360 adjustable reaction arm
Small nose radius for minimal clearance lightweight
Aircraft grade aluminium body torque accuracy +/- 3%
Dual pawl system prevents ‘lock on’

Square Drive
Topside Hydraulic Tensioner

The spring return design ultimately increase and improve the productivity and safety of the operator. The spring return design enable autmatic piston retraction at the end of the tensioning sequence, ensuring the tools are perpared and ready for the next cycle. In comparison to traditionally designed tensioners, the range of Spring Return Tensioners allows for efficient and ease of use through enhanced design which includes an anti-slip tool surface to improve grip. The design also incorporates a dual port wich allows the operator to daisy chain multiple tensioners together, removing the need and expense of ‘T’ pieces.


All models within the range have a stroke of 10mm and cover ranges from 3/4” - 4” bolts making them suitable for use on a vast range of flange sizes. All models within the range offer both metric and imperial inserts as well as oversized versions for galvanized studs.



Piston stroke - 10mm except for SRT 0 - 8mm
Max tool pressure - 21,750 psi (15,00 bar)
Bolt protrusion above nut = 1 x bolt diameter
‘SRT 0’ includes an allowance for tool removal after bolt tightening with 10mm tool stroke
Weight excludes puller sleeve
Product development is constantly taking place and dimensions may change without notice

single acting nutsplitter used for removing corroded and seized nuts
Single Acting Nutsplitter

The range of Nut Splitters are the ideal tool for removing corroded and seized nuts. The design incorporates a single acting spring return, and eliminates the need for grinding or flame cutting and associated safety issues. The heavy duty blades can be easily removed and are triple edged giving extra longevity.



Designed to fit standard BS/ANSI flanges
Intrinsically safe
Triple edge exchangeable cutting blade
Blade positioning scale to eliminate bolt damage
Adjustable cutting depth achieved by rotating the cylinder
Sizes range from 3/4” - 3 1/2” bolt diameters
Ergonomically designed and positioned handle

Single acting spring return cylinder


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