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Coring Services

Our team knows that you need the most cost-efficient and high-performing coring operation with minimal downtime to help ensure your goals and objectives are met, and for that reason we combine in depth pre-job planning with our customers to choose the right coring system. With our dedicated warehouse next to the main oprational center, we are able to handle all of our clients, national to international, at any day of the week and any minute of the day.

To further extend its abilities to service its customers, IOT has invested in its fleet of core‐barrels and ancillaries that have been built using public domain well-proven technologies. Coring is a very mature offering, and the differentiation between the various proponents is effectively mostly related to:


The quality of the service

Tools quality & Maintenance

Skills of the service hands

The quality of the service provided by IOT Holland consistently exceeds expectations, fostering trust and satisfaction among its clientele.

The tools' quality and maintenance are meticulously upheld, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for seamless operations.

The service hands demonstrate versatile skills, cultivated through training and experience, ensuring efficient and precise delivery of results.

As regard to this last point, it is a fact that coring is one of the latest drilling technologies in which the personnel on the drill floor has still to rely exclusively on surface readings to identify what is happening downhole. This “feel” can only be developed after years of experience and IOT is very proud to have in his team some of the most experienced engineers in that field.

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